All combinations of property values must be supplied

Updated on May 23, 2024

Full error name: “All combinations of property values must be supplied


When publishing to Etsy, you can list up to 30 variations, but you must supply all combinations of variations.

For example, if you have the variations “Colour” (e.g. black and red) and “Size” (e.g. small and medium) you must supply 4 combinations:

  • Black S
  • Black M
  • Red S
  • Red M

These are Etsy’s rules.


Supply all combinations of variations.

If you don’t have all combinations in stock, we suggest adding them with 0 quantity so that you can get your listing on Etsy.

Note: if you then get an error “Quantity must be above 0”, make sure that the first variation has a positive quantity.

Etsy blocks listings if the first product variant is out-of-stock. So, make sure the first variant has a quantity above 0. Subsequent variants can be out-of-stock.

how to supply all the combinations of variations